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A (hypothetical) grassroots campaign for SATISFY that reinterprets performance BY CELEBRATING THE RUNNER’S HIGH

SATISFY is an activewear brand for 'the healthy hedonists' who celebrate running. The brand is often mistaken as being a 'streetwear' brand by potential consumers, because of its heady style and the underground rock'n'roll vibe around the brand. This is why I created 'RAVE YOUR RUN', a campaign based
on a wholistic communication strategy to position SATISFY as the avant-garde activewear brand in the mind of the healthy hedonists. RAVE YOUR RUN communicates the running brand's essence, without pushing into an overly commercial direction, inspiring the viewer to chase the runner's high.

Creative Direction, Production, Art Direction, Editing: Vanessa Huss
Director of Photography: Frederick Gomoll
Actor & Script Consultant: Alexander Temme
Dancers: Marcell Proske, Danilo Andres,
Jonas Vandekerckhove, Lucas Garcia Alvarez
Camera Assistance: Tom Zylla, Anika Delacour
Music: Lemontrip - Mercy (Fog Mountain Records)
Production Assistance: Almut Pumpluen, Michail Mamaschew
Special thanks to: Regina Sepp, Serkan Köse, Louis Reith and MBF Filmtechnik

COMMUNICATION STRATEGY & CAMPAIGN CONCEPT // The core of RAVE YOUR RUN is a video series promoting the emotional benefits of physical exercise instead of efficiency and performance. Each clip is featuring one micro-influencer, who is serious about both running and celebrating. In that way, we will support young athletic artists without it being an overly branded action and have a credible, authentic campaign. After the launch of the campaign, there will be local running cult parties at secret locations. Each 'RAVE-RUN'-event is co-hosted by the micro-influencers featured in the videos. Limited editions will be sold at a pop up sale during the event, similar to merchandise stands at concerts.


LOOK & FEEL // Raw, urban spaces dominate the settings in the short films. The conceptual framework (emotional experience of a runner) will be staged through distinguished audiovisual details, whereas we don't want to overload the sceneries. We focus on a subcultural, underground look & feel with architectural elements complementing the ambience. The running and high phase will be visually separated through different light atmospheres / settings, whereas each setting represents one emotional stage in the runner's experience.


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