Feminine menswear that encourages a fluid view on masculinity

The English luxury brand OSSIE CLARK was once popular amongst rockstars, actors and jet-set-hippies in the 60s and 70s. After the 80's punk ended the brand's commercial success, the OSSIE CLARK brand was soon discontinued. Multiple attempts to revive the brand's opulence failed. 
After delving into the brand's past, we decided to reposition OSSIE CLARK as 'feminine menswear that encourages a fluid view of masculinity'. Based on the brand's core values of sexual liberation, rock'n'roll opulence and sensual progressiveness, we created various concepts around the new launch of the brand, including a collection range plan, an online identity and a local event, together with a strategy for a social media influencer campaign. For the online identity, we aimed to create an immersive digital based brand & shopping experience that focusses on creative exploration without clearly pushing products.

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