An open source streetwear brand that sees fashion as an opportunity for involvement

The brand concept of Beeta came to life in order to turn a fellow student's brief about her own personality into a new fashion brand called 'beeta'. With the aim to communicate that brand's core effectively, my project partner and I worked out a brand book and a strategic marketing communication plan as a basis for an online campagin

Beeta offers customized bomber jackets to young enthusiastic makers and intellectual tinkerers who value experience over consuming. The street wear brand is unique by having its concept based on the idea of open source and through that, a shared world: "We believe that a system’s structure can be decoded not only online, but also offline, in order to identify its loopholes. We want to use these loopholes to modify the system internally for everybody’s benefit. When fashion follows the trend of the maker culture, it will no longer be a vanity, but an opportunity for involvement.
Shift fashion - Code is the new black!". (beeta)