The Existentialists - a three minute fashion film that is inspired by (and features) the collection 'Disrupt Disturbance' by the upcoming fashion designer MARINA VAN DIEREN

The Existentialists is about a group of five guys, a little artsy, a little dorky, spending their time together in an apartment they call their atelier. They are likable losers and modern romantics, idealizing melancholia and struggle, discussing how they know how to change the world, but never do. They revel in their self-pity, exchanging profound and pretentious platitudes like ‘‘Digitalization is so over“, while they are consuming psychedelics. They’re always having what they are calling calm down parties - where they do nothing more than wasting time. Although they keep making plans to write a novel, a manifesto, a new theory on life, they can never decide on what to really write about. The narrator is also a character telling about his experience with the pre-raphaelite brotherhood (a group of English painters, poets and critics, founded in 1848), he had this mind boggling experience with, but was never able to find them again. Like are they real? Almost like a drug trip in itself. 

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Responsibilities: Director of Photography, Film Editing, Creative Concept Development, Cast and Production.